Thursday, March 08, 2007

Our cool new friend

I've been waiting for a day just like today. I wanted to take the afternoon off so bad so that I could stay home and take you outside to play in the warm, fresh air. But when I left at lunchtime, you were napping and I am very busy at work.

The snow melted alot today. But that's okay because there was so much of it. It's still over two feet deep. So as soon as Dad and I came home at 5:15, I told you we were going outside after supper. Of course, you don't really know what after supper means so you kept walking to the back door, pointing and saying 'eh? We got your outerwear together, all ready for the excursion. After supper, I put you in tights over your socks with a pair of my chenille socks over your pants so that your feet wouldn't fall out of your new rubber boots. (You've long since grown out of your winter boots...not that you can balance in them anyway.) You wore two sets of lined pants (because we don't have water-resistant ski pants), your coat, new mitts, your baby touque and your scarf. You were very ready, but not very flexible in this ensemble.

We went outside and it was fabulous. Quite windy by this point, but warm enough to counter it. You were so happy to be outside, but you would have preferred the park over the backyard. Fortunately, we were able to make the best snowman that you were so fond of. The snow was perfectly sticky. You had a bit of a hard time getting around so we helped, but the best was the fact that you could hold large chunks of snow and eat them. Oh, the snow you could eat. Once you dug in, I don't think you thought anything could ever be better. You were that happy.

After almost 40 minutes we came in. To your dismay and tears. Hopefully it stays nice all weekend. Not so nice that all the snow goes, though. We need more chances to play in it.

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