Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sneak peek...

...of the wonderful pictures I will soon get to - maybe this weekend - of you and our Boston trip. Like last summer after Atlanta, if I wait too long I won't do it at all. Or forget all the details.

An enduring childhood classic, set against the backdrop of an all-white Boston in 1941. Mr. and Mrs. Mallard select the city as the spot to raise their ducklings, but although there are no dangerous foxes or turtles, there are still plenty of surprises and excitement in store for them in Boston. And they have new friends: Michael the Irish cop and his buddies.

The very popular sculpture dedicated to the book was in the public garden. You loved it so much, you kept saying "Take my picture, Mama. Cheeeeeeeese!"

Perfect pose after perfect pose. This was the only time during the trip you actually wanted to get your picture taken and weren't just appeasing me with a giant, fake smile. Awww.

It was our last morning in Boston. After we spent time with the ducks, we took one last walk down Newbury Street to gaze upon the elite shoppers.

We stopped at this fabulous little vintage poster shop and here you and your dad are outside on the street.

Goodbye, Boston!

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