Monday, May 12, 2008


By Thursday, you were so owly at the continued disruptions in your routine that you threw a tantrum so big and cried so hard that you burst all the blood vessels around your eyes. Suffice to say that we took you to the doctor the next day - just to confirm what we'd suspected. Oh, those little tiny blood bruises. You are one emotionally charged little girl.

But we were troopers and hit the hospital to visit twice on Friday - after taking the edge off at Toys R Us, of course. And we were lucky to get day passes for Nana to come over both on Saturday and on Sunday. We celebrated Nana's birthday along with Mother's Day because we won't be around for her actual birthday next Sunday.

We expected her to get released today, but alas, after her scope they ordered another CT scan of her abdomen. Hopefully tomorrow. She really wants to babysit you and you really want Nana to come over. You were crushed again when Nanny didn't get on the elevator with us with us when we left the hospital again tonight.

But fortunately, there was one highlight to our evening. I discovered that our spiffy new computer has a camera built in so we spent some silly time taking pictures and making movies. I have a feeling that this will be a new favourite activity for us.

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