Friday, May 16, 2008

We're outta here!

Tomorrow we're flying to Boston for a week. Much anticipated and much deserved. Dad's going to the HOW Design Conference (where I was when we went to Atlanta last year). You and I will have our days full with swimming, shopping and touring around the historic streets. Can't wait!

Nana got out of the hospital on Tuesday night (after no revelations) so you spent Wednesday and Thursday with her. Yesterday you guys went to the lake and fed the baby ducks and baby geese. Awwwww. Followed by an ice cream cone, then a slurpee. And we wonder why you're never hungry when we come home...

Today you're at the babysitter's while we pack and ready the home and yard - things that don't seem to get done when you're around. Mostly because you need someone to push you on the swings. Or mostly because your dad and I can't resist playing all day!

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