Saturday, June 07, 2008

What? Still no synopsis of Boston?

Listen. The weather has been wonderful until today so between planting the garden and cleaning the yard, I haven't wanted to sit down and write or go through pictures. Then again, I might have preferred that to being vomited upon.

The last few days your mood has been fowl, your temper short. Midday on Friday, you'd had it. You passed out at noon, barely the touching the hot dogs I thought you'd devour while laying on the couch. You awoke at 1:30 but didn't want to move so we just watched Peter Pan. You were back asleep by 3:45 and burning up by this time. I took you and Skye for a walk at 5:00 since Dad would be late after going for drinks. You hung your head out the side of the stroller, crying off and on that you wanted to go home. Got home just before Dad, made supper, sat down to eat except you could only lay in my arms. "Feed me." So I fed you the cheese off my pizza, your eyes shut the entire time. Until you sat up to hurl on me, you, the table and the floor.

So it's been movie time since then. Last night we watched the Neverending Story. Today we watched Godzilla 2000, the end of the Neverending Story that you missed last night, then the Secret Garden, the beginning of The Witches, Spongebob Squarepants, napped for 2.5 hours then woke to start watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You had started feeling so much better so you and Dad got Quizno's for supper. We ate, then played, then got back on the couch to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory until bedtime.

If there's one good thing about you being sick, it's the cuddling. "Can I lay on your tummy?" you'd ask. By the time you were asking, "Can I suck on your ears?" you were feeling good enough to not need the constant closeness anymore. Next time, get sick during the week. I could use a good weekday to lay around with you in all your cuteness.

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