Friday, May 02, 2008

First foray into consumerism

We were out all morning last Saturday. Went for breakfast to Smitty's, to Wal-Mart for a toilet handle, then to every home store in town looking for beautiful - and apparently unattainable - lamps. One of our stops was Pier 1.

When I went to get you out of your car seat, you asked if you could bring your wallet. Sure, why not? So I scooped you up and you took your bright pink wallet and we went into the store. As we browsed and contemplated some green ceramic lamps, you also looked at and touched everything in your vicinity.

After deciding no, we'd rather have something white or glass, we proceeded to leave. And then you saw it. A rack of discounted Easter items. "Easter stuff!" you yelled and pointed. So we went over to browse. "Can I have that chickie?" "I don't know," I said. "Let's look and see how much money you have." We opened up your wallet and emptied the money. One nickel and four pennies. The orange price tag said $0.08. Perfect.

You put the money in one hand, the chickie in the other. Dad sat you on the counter, the man came up to help you. He rang in the chickie. "Eight cents, please." You held out your hand and he took your coins. "You can have this one back," he said, handing you a penny. "Would you like a bag?" to which you nodded. "Here's your receipt. Do you want it in the bag?" to which you nodded again. He held out your bag and you took it with a tiny "thank-you."

You bought something all by yourself. And while it won't be the last time, it was the first and I was so proud. And so were you.

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