Sunday, January 14, 2007

Some of This

I can't believe we didn't note that yesterday you turned 17 months old. That's one month away from the big year and a half. (I know what it's like to be on the cusp of a milestone, turning 30 myself in four months.) Anyway, I only noticed the date when I was uploading pictures from the camera to the computer. And I remember when we used to count your age in weeks...

Today you were pretty grouchy. You woke up at a normal time, but when I got up at ten (yes, lucky mama) and went downstairs I saw that you had really torn the place apart. You have this need to destroy when your mood is anything but glowing. While we can usually distract you when things are looking bleak, sometimes it just draws you into something else that needs messing with. Poor Skye on those days...she sure takes your teasing and kicking without much complaint. But sometimes some really fun stuff comes when we're just trying to get through a rough patch. We've spent much time running at full tilt through the kitchen and living room around and around and around. You hold my hand and sometimes dad's hand, too, and all three of us run. Sometimes we pretend that Skye is chasing us when really she's just part of the team who is magnetically drawn to me and must be touching me or at least within a foot at all times. (You're the other team member in case you couldn't guess...)

And earlier today you and I were laying in bed killing time after the lunch you didn't eat and before your nap that didn't last long. You occupied yourself by wrapping the sheet around you, sometimes hiding under it or under the pillows. Or I would hide with you and we would have a fort. Soon you were getting easily frustrated by one thing or another and were just about ready to lay down. By this point dad had joined us all ready for his nap, too. Anyway, like you had been doing every twenty minutes all day today, you wanted to nurse which you recently have come to call "this." Dad asked you to say "some" which you pronounced perfectly. Then he asked you to say "this." I was expecting more of a "dis" but you made the t-h sound and slowly squeezed out the entire word like you'd always known it. Unfortunately you didn't string it all together. Not yet. But we'll have to more articulate when asking if you want something, especially some of this.

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