Monday, January 15, 2007

I learned it from watching you

There was this commercial from when I was younger about this young teen getting caught by his dad with a box o' drugs when he yells out, "I learned it from watching you." The dad was quite obviously busted and lost all of his authority right then and there. While this is nothing like that, the title was just a direct quote from that.

Anyway, what you did learn from your mom and dad is blatant consumerism. We were at Wal-Mart tonight getting diapers, a compost bin, socks, undershirts and gotch for your dad, some jarred baby food, a rubber spatula (because ours broke in two mixing the cookie dough the other night) and some tupperware-type containers. While dad and I were spying up the food storage, you unstacked a bunch of brightly coloured plastic plates, bowls and cups all over the floor in the aisle. Content to let you continue, I was shocked and surprised to see you pick out the nicest, pinkest plate out of all the ones there, rise up on your tippy toes and put the plate into the cart. Awwww. You learned how to shop! You just put all the stuff you want into the cart and it ends up coming home with us. Of course we bought it (and the matching cup you picked out next).

One other thing. Picture this - you crouch down on the floor and motion Nana to join you. Then you point me down to the floor. Apparently you invented a new game where you and Nana crawl across the living room into the kitchen. You walk across the kitchen and then crawl again once you hit the hardwood. After Nana and I did this with you twice, your dad got to join us so all four of us were crawling across the floor like a pack of...humans. What a sight that must have been.

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