Saturday, January 13, 2007

Are you 'kay?

Twice now I've hurt myself - the first time on keyboard tray here on the computer desk and I can't remember what happened the second time, but I cried "owww!" and each time you threw out, "R U K?" Of course I can't get you to repeat it on command but it is what I ask you when you get hurt so it is very possible that you are saying that in the appropriate context. I shouldn't be so surprised because you are incredibly brilliant and you leave your dad and I with our jaws gaping everyday, but I'm still torn between this baby/big girl thing. You are still such a baby that mostly communicates with a series of grunts and pointing, but on the other hand you can run really fast, laugh at your own jokes and clearly make yes/no decisions and then tell us exactly what it is what you want. I heard a couple little kids talking away in the movie store last night and you are so clearly far away from that, but if talking comes as suddenly as everything else you do seems to, we could be having conversations very soon.

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