Friday, November 03, 2006

Sick days

Oh you poor girl. As I had mentioned, you were waking up every half hour or so on Halloween evening and night which made for a miserable baby on Wednesday. As the day progressed, though it became apparent that you had caught a cold. So, I stayed home with you on Thursday (and today, but I had already booked that off). It is so much harder to stay home with you when you are sick than go to work. You are moody and did not want to sleep in the afternoon yesterday which makes for a long time before dad gets home... Today you are showing signs of improvement, but not in your mood. There was a lot of pouting going on when I tried to get ready so we could all go to Wal-Mart after supper and while it's so very adorable in a sad kind of way, it does make me feel like toting you with me when I do everything instead of you hanging out with your dad while he was adjusting your new car seat. You always do adjust and quite happily play with the pliers and screwdriver, but you are still very much your mama's girl. And that still works for me.

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