Monday, November 20, 2006

I wish my memory was bigger

You do so many great things, I feel bad that I can't remember them all. One day last week, you pulled a toque or blanket off of my head leaving my hair in my face. You so sweetly swept the hair out of my eyes like I do for you every day. For you to have such consideration for me really melted my heart. Your constant kisses are 'just because' you want to now, not because someone asks you to.

Your play has really evolved, too. You push around objects or your little plane and make vehicle sounds. You try very hard to imitate your dad's motoring sounds but it takes a lot of concentration to do that and play at the same time. A major breakthrough from the last couple days is your newfound ability to answer questions. Of course, when you do answer, the answer is always a head-shaking 'no' but it helps in our communications. (Yes answers are met with excitement or action or indifference.) You've even gotten to the point where destruction isn't first and foremost. For example, you will stack a couple blocks or put some mega blocks (big lego) together BEFORE you knock them over or take them apart!

Something I'm not super keen on is your ability to take off your diaper. Just because you tend to pee on the floor everytime you are naked for half a second. It's funny how that surprises you. I think you know how to pee on command because everytime I mention it, you do. (Whether it's in the tub or sitting on my knee when your bum gets very warm!) Anyway, I'm sure nana would remind me that I was potty trained by now, but she hasn't said anything about taking on the project of training you. Not that she would find much success getting you to sit still and read stories on the potty like your calm mommy did...

We went to Grandma and Grandpa's new second home this weekend. It is definitely not a cabin, even though it is on a lake. The ride home was much quicker than the Friday evening trip up - even though you didn't sleep a wink once buckled nicely in your carseat. Elmo kept you nicely sedated, so we're lucky for him. We tried to get you to nap when we got home at 2, but you just wanted to play. I set up the camera because the light was so beautiful and you, me and dad just played and relaxed. The pictures turned out really lovely, so all the ones from this post are from then.

To look at you tonight in the tub, I couldn't believe how big you looked, how long your legs were. (Oh, and at the doctor's office last week you weighed a whopping 19.84 pounds, up from a measly 18.01 pounds exactly two months earlier.) I'm already starting to miss you as a baby. You are getting so big and I can't slow time down, as much as I want you to stay small and cuddly and my baby forever.

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Kristin said...

so sweet. i especially love that first picture.