Sunday, November 26, 2006

First snow and the onset of xmas

Considering it'll be December by the end of this week, we've only just gotten real snow. There was actual accumulation on the car and everything else when we woke up this morning. We went to Wal-Mart this morning so your dad could get some work done. When we got out of the car, you tried with all your might to jump out of my arms and onto the snow covered pavement. Luckily my grip was stronger. You choked a little on the cold air just before we got in the store, but you looked happy and refreshed from the cold. I can see now why Christmas is so intense for kids. Everything you saw in the store made you point and want to get closer. We looked at trees and lights and ornaments, but the cutest was when we saw a little plush reindeer from the claymation Rudolf show. Enhh, enhh, you demanded with pointed finger so I handed him to you and squeezed his ear to make him start singing. It must have been his child-like voice, but as soon as he spoke and then sang, you hugged him like you loved him and hadn't seen him in years. I almost bought it just to see you do that everyday... You must have really been in a lovey mood because you hugged everyone you knew - Dora and Pablo and Winnie the Pooh. It was so sweet.

Speaking of sweet, you've been such a good girl this weekend. The other night we pulled the plug in the bath tub and you waved to the water going down the drain. And last night, we were looking at an Elmo book. You pointed at Elmo and I said that he was laughing. You looked up at me, grinned and went, Ha, heh, ha. Then we asked you to laugh and you did. I don't remember discussing with you what a laugh actually was...

Anyway, you'll be waking up from your nap with your dad right away and we're going to go swimming. You kept forcing your bathing suit and swim diapers on me yesterday and I felt awful that we didn't have time to go then, so today it is.

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