Monday, July 10, 2006

Pointing and dancing, with some sleep thrown in

Oh, you adorable kid. We have recently taken up singing and dancing to popular music again. You dance on command, but mostly want me to pick you up and dance with me, your head on my shoulder and you singing with me softly. And when your dad reads you your bedtime stories, you've taken to pointing at everything in the books - like Elmo, cow, fish...making the books a little long, but SO sweet. You also pointed at a bird in the backyard today. I wasn't sure if you saw it, even though I kept pointing in its direction. We've had lots a birds over the last few days since we planted our new apricot and apple trees, put out birdseed and dumped all the Cheerios from your stroller onto the patio. Little birds love Cheerios! And finally, you've been sleeping so good. We've been working on getting you to sleep in your crib so Nana doesn't have to worry about you crawling out of bed when I go back to work and today you put yourself back to sleep three times (during one nap). This is a HUGE improvement, kiddo. We didn't want to put you in your crib, away from us, until absolutely necessary. We love having you in our giant bed at night so we can get in more cuddle when you wake up at 11:30 p.m. on the nose EVERYNIGHT, we bring you to bed and we all go to sleep. We actually had some really nice playtime in bed before you had your nap this afternoon. I played with your little piggies as you lounged back on me, then crawled up to my face to give me your wide open mouth kiss with tonnes of slobber. You were blowing on my neck which makes me laugh hysterically - which is why you keep doing it. And I'd tickle you and you laughed heartily like you hadn't in a long time. I really enjoy just hanging out with you, little munchkin. One more month of pure mommy and baby time...

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