Friday, July 21, 2006

At lightning speed

Kiddo - you are growing up so fast. I can barely keep all the new things you do in my head so that I can write about them here. Let's see. You are an avid pointer and can pick a 'light' out of any room. Your memory is also insanely good. We can tell you once what the 'radio' is and you've got it after that. You surprised us the other night when I asked 'where's the owl' in your Scuffy the Tugboat book and you precisely pointed him out. It's all sinking in, huh?

Even though you feel out of bed at the cabin on the weekend (on your head), you are very good at turning around to climb out of bed. We've been working on that one for a couple weeks, but it's looking all good now. We bought you a little push toy on Saturday that is wonderful. You can push in on your own - without mommy's help. You also like pushing around the dining room chairs, recycle bins and whatever else that won't get away on you too quickly. It's nice to have a little independence - for me, I'm talking about!

Hmmm. Well, you ate good on the weekend at the cabin, but that ended pretty quickly after we got home. We went to Taste of Regina tonight with Mike, Jamie and Creeson. You like to eat right from our plates or bite right off our sandwiches. So, we got bison burgers to start and you ate four or five bites of the bun and cheese, but the burger was a little tough. Oh well, we just ended up filling you full of ice cream 'cause some food is better than no food. We go to your one year check-up next Wednesday because our doctor will be away in India for all of August. I'm not really looking forward to getting you weighed. I know you're happy and somewhat healthy because you are so smart, your brain must be growing. I just wish you liked to eat. Something besides milk. Ah, at least you don't grow out of your clothes too fast!

Anyway, I'll try and think of more of the awesome ways you impress us. Until next time...

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