Friday, July 07, 2006

It's a scorcher

It was so hot outside today and it's still 30 degrees at 7:30 p.m. Luckily, your dad went out and bought you a sandbox and pool the other night. Wow, do you ever love them. You and I went in the sandbox in the morning and it was even better than dirt. You still scrunched it in your hand and then threw it down before immediately going for the next handfuls, but this time with butt bounces and your odd breathy, little fake-sounding laugh. Later that afternoon (after your first naps in your crib) we went to Dollarama to get pool toys. And then your dad came home early from work so we filled up the pool and all three of us lounged in the water and played until supper time. You thought it was pretty terrific and it sure took the edge off of that heat.

One of the cuter, if not aggravating, things you do these days is fake gag when we try and feed you solid food. How in the world does a little-big baby know how to do that? Tonight I made you cauliflower and pork kabobs which you tasted, but didn't really like eating them while in your high chair. So after supper I let you take two handfuls of the cauliflower from the pot that you proceeded to squish and throw on the floor (and some in my shirt). I set you down and you were perfectly happy to nibble the veggie from there. Silly kid.

Have I written about your love of dogs? Lately, they are the most fascinating creatures. You love dogs in books and when we're outside, you look longingly in the direction of any barking. You hang your head out of your stroller to continue staring at the dogs we pass on the street. You 'huff' in delight when we make puppy sound and talk of them. Best of all, when Nana gets back from Ireland at the end of the month, she'll be bringing home 5 year old Sky, a female bichon. We can't wait to meet our newest furry family member!

You also love playing peek-a-boo - either by yourself or with us. Doesn't matter to you. With a towel or blanket or a diaper or pair of pants. Something fun we've been doing is going under a blanket with you which delights you to no end. I thought, if that's fun, let's make a fort. I hide in the fort and you have to crawl across the room and come under the blanket to get me. Sometimes you try to go through the blanket and since it's kinda stretchy, you look like something from a horror movie, trying to escape. Or like on the Glad commercial where the elephant tries to plough through the garbage bag, but can't.

Anyway, we're glad you like swimming and crushing sandcastles 'cause we like watching you be so jubilantly happy!

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