Saturday, July 01, 2006

In awe

Oh my. Lily, you have been amazing lately. Besides learning how to throw tantrums, you have taken on a whole new understanding of everything. You learned to wave a couple weeks ago. Now, at lunchtime as soon as I say "Dad has to go back to work" you start waving at him. You also have an intense interest in dogs and make this huffing sound when I ask what a puppy says. Everytime we see one on our walks, you bounce up and down in your stroller with intense excitement. Your walking is pretty sturdy these days, too. And you'll walk NOT in the direction of mommy which makes me kind of nervous. You still prefer walking holding onto our hands so we still have a bit of control about where we'll end up. We have conversations that consist mostly of me begging you to say mama or mom, but your response is ALWAYS da da dad. You had your first real boo-boo the other day. You were standing at the bed and the next thing I knew you were face down on the hardwood floor. Ouch! Your mouth filled with blood and I started panicking so you stopped crying to focus on my terror. Anyway, it all turned out well as I think that it broke those two adorable top teeth through your gums!
We were at the cabin last weekend to see Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Jared. Lucky you, they bought you a paddling pool (which you loved) and a life jacket so that we could all go on a boat ride. You were very unsure at first, with exactly the same 'please don't drown me' look on your face that you had for the first four months of your life everytime we would bath you. But you were pretty used to it at the end - when we were going really slow. You still don't like the long car rides to get places, you'd rather be free and constantly trucking around. Another adorable thing you do right now is bonk heads with us while shaking your 'no' head. For some reason, it also helps you get to sleep. And at least you sleep 'cause you don't eat anything besides milk and yogurt right now. I think it's a phase...I hope it's a phase. I did get you to eat some chicken pizza that I made the other night, but you really haven't been consuming anything at all. Or sitting in your high chair for long. You'd rather walk around the table bumping your head as you go! That's about all I can think of right now. I gotta keep a list of all the sweet stuff you chew MY fingernails!

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