Saturday, July 22, 2006


Oh sweetie. I don't know what it is today, but I am growing so fearful of leaving you to return to work. I am all teary at the prospect of not being there for you, when you nap, when you play, when we watch Big Comfy Couch and you laugh when she has to pick up her toys. It crushes me to think that you will look all over the house for me like you do when I leave you with Daddy or like last weekend when Uncle Nigel and Jessica watched you. Ahhhh, I wish there was some way around it. I left Daddy to put you to sleep for you nap this afternoon, but I could just hear you crying and crying. After ten minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore and went to pick you up. You calmed immediately so I rocked you for a few minutes while you caught your breath. Then we crawled into bed and you quickly wrapped your arms around my neck with a tight grip on my hair and you fell asleep with your forehead against mine. Three weeks until your birthday and until I have to go to work. I will treasure all this time when it's just you and me or you hanging off my leg or you reaching out your arm towards me because you want me to pick you up. I love ya, lil squirtems.

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