Monday, August 09, 2010

"That was the best party ever!"

In the middle of the night, Lily woke up and exclaimed, "That was the best party ever!" Then she layed back down and went to sleep. The excitement – and sugar – were obviously still rushing through her.

When asked earlier in the evening what the best part was, she eagerly responded, "Everything!"

Needless to say, she thought her Alice in Wonderland tea party was very successful. The first time she tried on the dress (which we found for $9 at Superstore), she said, "Oh. My. God. I look just like Alice. Can I get my hair curled for my party?"

Anyway, it was tonnes of fun.

There were lots of sweets. The sugar cookies shaped like card suits were quite popular.

The homemade red rose chocolates (we're painting the roses red...) would have been more popular had they not completely melted in the sweltering 30˚C heat and a crazy high humidex.

There was iced tea to be drunk in the perfect little tea cups that we borrowed from Margaret.

And everyone was there. The Red Queen...

The Mad Hatter and someone small that perhaps could have been the dormouse.

Hey – another Red Queen showed up, too.

Looks like Alice and the Red Queen made amends to amicably share in the festivities...

Actually, everyone got along stunningly.

Let the games begin! The first was the tea bag toss into our lovely, large tea cup.

Pin the grin on the cheshire cat was a big hit. When the butterfly scarf appeared to not be opaque enough, we had to resort to using the extra large Mad Hatter's hat to cover the little eyes.

There was also a butterfly pinata. (The caterpillar turns into a butterfly, so it works...) What a great toy for getting out little four and five-year-old aggressions!

We also had croquet set up, but the hot, hot sun brought us inside for cake and presents. The cake was merely pretty and not really related to our theme...unless you count the hole in the middle of the bundt cake as the rabbit hole! Shoot, that would have been a great idea. Green grass icing with flower sprinkles and chocolate icing in the middle for the rabbit hole. Now I think of it...

Ahhhh, what a beautiful girl.

It was hard to wait for a slice, but well worth it. Those three cups of zucchini sure make for a great cake.

And all the cards and gifts exceeded her expectations. Finally.

We headed back outside briefly to blow bubbles, jump on the trampoline and stay hydrated drinking pink lemonade out of plastic wine glasses before everyone bid adieu to Wonderland.

Now all Lily has to do is turn five this week...

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