Friday, August 13, 2010

Five years old

Today you turned five. It's been a rough week having to wait for today. Perhaps we won't have a birthday party before your actual birthday next time.

On Wednesday, you woke up and said, "It's my birthday!" to which Dad replied, "Happy birthday." Obviously he was still asleep. When I intervened to say, "Actually, your birthday isn't until Friday. Two more days," you collapsed in a crying fit on the bed.

On Tuesday, swimming lessons were canceled due to the rain. Again disappointed, I said we could do something in the afternoon when Nana came to watch Finn. You decided you'd like to spend your birthday money, $20 you got from Margaret. So, you and I hit the mall. Of course, you only wanted to go to Claire's, but we stopped at the Body Shop so I could look at their make-up. "Ooooh," you said. "Maybe I could buy some perfume!" You picked out the Vanilla eau de toilette, then went to hand me your wallet. It was $17 so I told you I'd buy it for you for your birthday; I couldn't have you spending it all on just one thing. "Oh thanks, Mom!"

Then on to Claire's. That place is like crack for you. You immediately picked out this folding brush with a mirror on the inside and some (more) sparkly eye glitter. Then the salesperson told us there were two racks for their 10 for $10 sale... So you also got some Hello Kitty rings, a Hello Kitty collar, a Hello Kitty bracelet, a Red Queen keychain, an Alice in Wonderland necklace, a heart ring, a pink headband adorned with pink flowers and feathers, a cell phone pocket, a rainbow bracelet and a puppy change purse.

Needless to say you were thrilled. When we got to the van, you told me you were going to look at all your stuff. You pulled out the receipt and said, "This is my receipt because I paid for it. That's awesome."

It was pretty awesome. Then yesterday, Nana brought over her present for you: an iCarly backpack with panties, socks, Tic Tacs, a couple loonies and an outfit. Wow. Never have I known a little girl to get so pumped to get panties and socks, but there you were trying those on first. I suppose they were quite wonderful...rainbows and pink/black knee-highs with hearts. I would have thought they were pretty special, too.

The week has also been full of thank-you card writing. You have been thankful and impressed with all you've received. You've gotten a lot of really nice things on top of the gifts you got at your party. Uncle Nigel and Auntie Jessica sent some gorgeous dresses (which you wore for four days), a blouse and some pants. Maureen and Hannah from next door gave you a ceramic plate/bowl set to match the tea cup/glass set they gave you when Finn was born. We're heading up to Saskatoon this afternoon where we'll meet Grandma and Grandpa for a birthday supper; I'm sure their gifts won't disappoint.

We didn't disappoint this year either.

Karaoke five year old from Hood/Anderson on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday, big girl.

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