Thursday, August 26, 2010 what?

I've been rather restless creatively. Having not been at work – where I made displays, posters, illustrations, calendars, books, etc. on a daily basis – I haven't felt that sense of accomplishment of making something tangible. On Tuesday, I made chili for supper and was rather proud for the rest of the day...

Feeling like there's been practically no time to accomplish much of anything besides keeping the kids alive (which is an accomplishment, but a never-ending project), I decided I had to start sewing again.

I hadn't completely stopped since Finn's birth, but it was rare. A reversible purse/bag for cousin Kim in June, a pillowcase dress from a 30-year-old pink pillowcase Lily found in the basement in July, and that Alice in Wonderland apron for your birthday that you didn't wear at the beginning of August. As an attempt to recapture some of my sanity, I buckled down last week and made a couple bibs and burp cloth. One bib was for Finn and the other things were for Lily's daycare buddy, Sophia, who just got a new baby brother named Hudson.

Awww, doesn't he look cute in his new bib? We need lots more – this kid is a puker. And then I made this playmat so we have something to throw down on the filthy rug or on the hardwood. It's not done; I still have to hand-stitch it (or tie it), but it's nice and substantial, backed with super soft, dark brown corduroy.

And then last night and this morning, I sewed Lily a napkin and placement (kinda like this) with a napkin/spoon pocket for her lunch kit. She picked the fabrics. Here's the inside.

Here's the outside.

And this is it all rolled up.

And I've got lots more things in my head I want to make. By special request, Lily's at the babysitter today and tomorrow. Then next week she's off to school. I'm looking forward to those quiet mornings...until Finn cuts out his nap!

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SaylorMade said...

Lovely pieces!