Monday, July 28, 2008

Where do you get this stuff?

We can usually get in about 15 minutes of play time at lunch. Today after eating, we were sitting on the couch pretending we're flying on a plane to Boston. Your idea. You are you. I'm Peter Pan. Click, you buckle us both in. "Sign says no foking (smoking) and put on your seatbelt." "Here comes the lady with drinks. Do you want one?" I ask. "Juice," you say and take your pretend juice. I take my pretend coffee. We both tune into Little Bear on the screens on the back of the seat.

After a minute of enjoying our plane ride I say, "Are we there yet?" "No, it takes a long time. Boston is really far away." Okay. We sit quietly again. After another minute you look at me, smile sweetly and say, "You're my best friend, Peter. I love you." "Aww, Lily. You're my best friend, too. I love you."

Apparently a few hours later, you also told Skye she was your best friend. Though you don't totally grasp the best part of best friend, how do you know even what a best friend is anyway?

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