Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer storm

We'd just gotten home from picking you up from the babysitter's house.

This was just before these low clouds began quickly creeping over our heads.

A different view from our backyard, this time of the playground in the schoolyard. It hit hard for maybe fifteen minutes and dissipated enough for us to go out and about.

Round II. This is a still from a movie I took just after 10 p.m. It had been really violent moments before. Couldn't see out the window at all. Lightening every few seconds and intense winds. My poor garden...

The street was completely flooded in two spots. Two doors down, it went all the way up the lawn and there were garbage bags floating down the street.

The flooded patio. But at least it's graded away from the house now. Before the water used to go halfway up the basement windows and leak in from every crack, turning our basement into a stinky, shallow pool.

Now it just came in two cracks. It spurted like we'd sprung a leak. Could be worse. Could be way worse.

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