Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sick. Again. Will it ever stop?

Ugggh. You are laid out, kid. Asleep right now. The second day in a row you were asleep by 5:20. I was hoping it was just a cold, but you cried and cried and cried last night that your ears hurt. Today you even wanted to go to the doctor - but again, once the medicine is actually here, it's worse than death. (It's not that bad. I tried it - and it's pink! Just for girls?)

Since Tuesday I've been feeling awful, in bed by 9:30 all week. Really grouchy at work, but maybe that's just normal.

It's been quite the year. Really sick three times. Too-sick-to-play kind of sick. And April has just begun. Hopefully you'll take your medicine, get better right away and be smiling again in no time. Real smiles, although these ones are kinda cute, too:

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