Tuesday, April 01, 2008

First day jitters

Today was your first day at Amy the babysitter's house. The first time we've left you with anyone we weren't related to. We've been giving you a play-by-play of how it would be for a couple weeks now. That we would take you there on Tuesdays and Thursdays while we went to work, that you could play with other kids, the dog named Ivy, go to the park, even help with the baby.

You seemed accepting of it.

This morning, you were a little apprehensive, maybe a little tired from waking at 5:44 a.m. Anyway, we got you ready - complete with a ponytail - and were there at 7:30 sharp. As soon as the door opened, we saw a little boy and a baby girl. You were sold. You gave me a few hugs, then were off to play with all the toys. Meanwhile, I was practically in tears. I told Amy a few things, then I said one last good-bye. You ran over to me, hugged me again, and went back to play. I was so relieved.

I called mid-morning to see how it was going. Good. No breakdowns or problems. Just doing some crafts. My heart lifted a little more.

But then your dad and I came home for lunch. To an empty house. It hasn't been like that since the day you were born. So that was kinda sad. At around 3:30, I could barely stand it anymore and convinced your dad to leave work at four so we could come and get you. We get there and you were so excited to show us how you were playing Duck Hunter with the little boy. Then I said, "Are you ready to come home with us now?" AND YOU SAID, "NO!" Oh my.

At least you were happy there. I'm so happy you were happy. We took you home anyway.

Just before we put on your coat to go to the babysitter for the first time ever.

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LCP from MJ said...

I think I recognize that backpack! I really enjoy watching your little girl grow up.