Friday, April 11, 2008

Picture this...

A sick two-year-old clinging to her just as sick (if not sicker) mommy, sitting beside a nana who is getting transfused with four pints of blood. That was us this past weekend. While Nana spent some time in the hospital getting her colour back (after her blood volume dropped to about 40% of a normal person's), your health improved and mine completely deteriorated. Quite the group we were.

You were beside yourself that I separated myself from you for 23 seconds to take this picture.

Nana is looking and feeling good again, but she's got more tests and bone marrow and ureter biopsies to look forward to. With her hearing test today, an eye exam and iron IV treatment on Thursday plus a canceled cavity filling - as ordered by her doctor - her weeks are busy. Fortunately the babysitter's house is so much fun so Nana can babysit less.

Today is the first day I don't want to crawl under a rock. After chills and sweats and a cough that keeps me up all night, I'm only slightly miserable today. You, on the other hand, have only had a minor cough for the five days so there's been lots of energy to play. Surprisingly, you let me sleep in until 11 a.m. on Saturday, then napped with me for two and a half hours in the afternoon.

You've been taking it somewhat easy on me. When I was feeling my most rotten, you learned how to cross your eyes to make me laugh until I almost peed. How absolutely grotesque - and adorable in an inbred kind of way.

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