Thursday, January 10, 2008

Word explosion

My little monkey. Look at that unusually (for you) round, full belly.

Over the couple weeks we were off over xmas, you slept well. Went to bed around 8:30, woke up between 7 and 8 and had two hour naps each day. Very ideal for the holiday situation we were in. I thought maybe you were growing and I was kinda right, but just not in a physical sense. It was your vocabulary that grew - and grew and grew. You've gone from three word sentences to huge mouthfuls with feelings and new ideas and funny observations. It was like you just woke up one morning to tell me that you wanted to be a monkey and eat bananas and live in trees. And ask where your monkey costume was.

The other night you woke up so Dad went in to check on you. From the basement I could hear you screaming for mama, saying, "Let go of me, Dad." When I finallly came up five minutes later, you saw me and said, "Help! Save Yaya." You don't call yourself Yaya as much anymore, saying "I" instead. You're working on it anyway.

I am shocked at the things you tell me. The witch's face is green and her hands are green and she'll get Yaya and her little dog, too. Yesterday you told Nana that you had a bad dream that Mommy and Daddy were fighting. The other morning Dad stayed home with you and you were adamant that you needed a violin, as thoughtfully suggested by Elmo's World. He told you to wait until you were bigger to which you replied, "I are bigger NOW."

But the best part about you being able to articulate your thoughts and feelings is that you always tell us, just like you did when you first awoke on Christmas morning, "I love you."

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