Thursday, January 10, 2008


You're a stubborn little girl but as much as I hate to admit it, you come by it honestly. Over the holidays, you stopped peeing on the potty. You would tell us you had to go but we couldn't get you to actually sit on the little pot or on the big toilet. And with eating, you usually don't have the attention span or interest to sit still long enough to take in a meal. Getting dressed? I suppose it didn't help that most days over xmas, none of us got out of our pajamas unless we absolutely had to leave the house.

So being the (supposedly) creative parents we are, we had to come up with some cons to get some things done.

To appeal to your fiercely competitive nature, we now have you race Daddy to the toilet to see who can pee first. We race to the tub, to the supper table, to see who can get dressed first. Of course, we're usually dressed when we get you ready so in those instances, we use your arch nemesis, Sonya Lee of Fisher Price's Little People. For some reason, you and her do not get along. If Sonya Lee wants to share your Smarties or be friends or help you, you angrily shoot her down with, "No, Sonya Lee. That's Yaya's" or "Yaya do it."

And then there are the monsters. Because if it's not scary, it's not fun! There are yogurt monsters. Strawberry monsters. Sandwich monsters. Meatball monsters. Soup monsters. It goes on and on. They are usually very tiny and hide under the table. If I won't play along with my crawling fingers that steal food, you crawl under the table and pretend to pick up this tiny little guy who sits nicely in the palm of your hand. Sometimes you'll eat a whole container of yogurt. Or 14 strawberries. Lately though, you've been trying to just give your food to the monster except we usually convince you to share. Lily take a bite, monster take a bite. Whether this is helping at all, I don't know. But it keeps you busy and sitting at the table with us.

To honour your love of monsters, I've created a new masthead for this site. And I've made you two monsters so we don't have to imagine them anymore. These guys will actually eat your food. Yesterday the big one ate Sonya Lee...

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