Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lucky duck

In the panic of Nanny's illness and with her requiring a lot of rest, Grandma and Grandpa were nice enough to come and stay with you the week. And what a lucky kid you are, having two enthusiastic playmates from Monday through Thursday! You played, ate lots, danced and sang songs - and then I think Grandma and Grandpa needed to go home to get their rest!

After they left, we had the Backyardigans to go to on Friday evening which was AWESOME. Hundreds of kids under five freaking out for Pablo. Some for Uniqua, but mostly for Pablo - for two hours! You had a blast trying to get them to catch Boinga Boinga the alien. What a thoughtful xmas gift from Nigel and Jessica.

You came down with a cold on Saturday so we took the rest of the weekend pretty easy until Sunday rolled around. We were laying in bed after an early nap when we saw all these kids going down the hill on their crazy carpets. So we checked the temperature and it was +1˚! We quickly got outside and made a snow family - just like ours! And oh, the swings. Getting a taste of that made me yearn for spring. But the next day was -51˚ with the windchill. Uggh. It's been an awful week weather-wise.

On Wednesday, it was Uncle Nigel's 29th birthday so he and Jessica had us over for taco salad and cake. You were thrilled to bits to visit with Lucy, but she didn't quite think it was mutual. Poor kitty was pretty frightened of all us scary people in her house, but at least you didn't get swiped at this time!

And now I've got your cold so I stayed home all afternoon and slept - pretended to go to work, but snuck into the spare room and closed the door! I'm off tomorrow and we have a doctor's appointment of Nanny's to attend so that will be our outing - if the van starts because it's been dead all week.

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