Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let's pretend...

This playing with toys thing is pretty new for you. You'd seen toys, held them, fiddled with them to find out how they worked, but you were never really into them until a few months ago. Maybe not even that long since you got a bunch for your birthday that weren't really that exciting until maybe September. Now it's very important that we "play toys" at every opportunity.

You pretend that we have tiny, little kitties or little Elmos or sometimes little babies that we can hold in our hands. "Oh, so cute!" you always say. And we always play doctor. "Hurt, mommy doctor" and you'll lay down on the couch for an examination. You like when we listen to your heart with the stethoscope and you like to give needles. And every sticker we find is a "ban-aid" - except on the weekend it was a sticky circle of velcro that unfortunately got stuck in my hair and came out with a nice-sized clump.

Last week, there was this little retro kitchen at Costco that we could barely tear you away from. I asked you what was for supper. "Food" you told me. Like duh, Mom. You quickly threw in "noonals" to further satisfy me. Since then you've been doing a lot of cooking in the kitchen. Mostly buttons, pen lids and ribbon, but ummmmm, are they tasty!

With Christmas coming, we are about to be hit with an onslaught of toys from all directions. And I feel bad. You are two - how can you possibly play with that many toys? And what are we going to do with them when you and any siblings you might have grow out of them? I have a lot of guilt, so I'm just hoping your new love of toys sticks around for a while... Time to start you an RESP to divert good intentions with better ones.

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