Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Computer skills

I don't know if the dogs were to be organized by colour or size - but I didn't listen to Zoe's instructions. Fortunately, you knew what was going on.

You have mastered the computer games on the Sesame Street website. Last night while supper was cooking, you wanted to "play Elmo games." And for the first time ever, you did it by yourself. Not only did you make a perfect jack-o-lantern, you organized dogs according to size, then by colour.

This was the second face. The first was a perfectly traditional jack-o-lantern face.

And this morning, you must have been practising in your dreams because your click and drag skills blew us away. You click on 'next game' instead of whining, "different Elmo game." You listen to instructions - and then you follow them. Today you matched animal tracks and clicked on the white socks on a clothes lines so they dropped into Elmo's laundry basket. I never thought my 27 month old 'baby' would ever be so talented... Well done!

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