Saturday, December 08, 2007

'Tis the season to be busy

Fa la la la la, la la la la. While you are so adorable and say the sweetest and most bizarre things, I just have not had the time or the desire to sit in front of the computer at night and write it down. Instead, the nights have been full of writing xmas cards, you sleeping, reading magazines on the couch and some baking. And one night your dad and I cleaned the basement a bit.
This is an example of something I'm trying to fill my evenings with that isn't on the computer. This is my first attempt at making you a stuffed kitty, whom you seem to love.

Your days are full of plugging in the xmas tree lights, dancing to CDs, playing computer games and putting in DVDs to watch. I don't know why it surprises me when I come downstairs and you've taken out one DVD, replaced it with another and are sitting on the couch against a pillow with a cup of milk. I guess I just don't see you as such a big girl yet.

Like I said, things are busy and fun. It's been extremely cold so we were lucky enough to get outside one day - even though you were very angry that you couldn't take your mitts off. That was after we decorated cookies, of course. How fun that was to do that with you. I iced, you sprinkled - and ate them. Then mixed three kinds together for the most...interesting looking cookies. We'll have to make more soon because we ate them all already.

You are crazy for monsters - mommy monsters, baby monsters, kitty monsters, Sesame Street monsters and the movie Monsters, Inc. And skeletons, too. You are fascinated by the fact that you have a skeleton in you.

Mmmmmmm...all kinds of sprinkles. And nana's blush on one cheek.

And it's xmas party time. On Friday night we went to the FCC kid's xmas party at the science centre. We tried to sit on Santa's knee, but it was apparently much better when we were talking about it. You would not get closer than this:

But the rest was fun, lots to see and do. Lots of kids, babies and babies-to-be there. Tomorrow afternoon is the SGI kid's xmas party so it's a weekend full of Santa. Thankfully we finished you letter to him today since you won't sit on his knee. Should be fun because Creeson will be there!

And we did a family portrait a couple weekends ago for the photo we'll send with cards. Awww, you've got my chin. And your dad's personality and demeanor. More and more as time goes on...

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