Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alone time

I have been a total slacker at posting both photos (of you) and stories. And throughout the summer it's not going to get better. Our brand new, beautiful, giant patio got finished last Tuesday after a rain/flooding delay. Now that that's done, we can actually do other things like plant shrubs and perennials and put out our solar lights and replace the holey carpet on the back steps. Oh, we should finally paint the back of the house...three years later. And so that you are not so bored, you recently got a basketball net to shoot hoops. Well, maybe just put the ball into the basket and then clap with pride. We did buy a play structure kit; we just need some time to put it together. Hopefully by the end of June...? Then a gate so you can't escape. It never ends, you know.

It was Nana's birthday on Friday. We are having a barbeque party at her house tonight so last night you, me and dad made a wonderfully rich chocolate cake. You love cooking, but with baking you can taste more and cake batter tasting is probably the best. By the end of your stirring (mostly to get more batter onto your spoon and into your mouth), you were covered. You picked up a box for recycling off the floor, placed an errant chocolate chip into it, said bye-bye and went downstairs. Okay, that's fine. You turned on the t.v. and the lamps and continued to amuse yourself for the next 15 minutes. Every few minutes I would see you pushing Pooh Bear in your shopping cart and call down and ask how you were. Good, you'd reply. Then - big mistake, I went to see you and clean some of the cake batter off of you. Apparently you didn't want any of it and a tantrum ensued. So I left. And you were happy again. About ten minutes later, your dad and I came down after cleaning the kitchen and having a drink without baby backwash. You were happy to see us. So that we could get you candy. And help you climb on tall things. We watched Shrek 2 and you loved Puss in Boots. You just needed to spend a little time away from us. (I know the feeling...)

It's the long weekend. Actually longer for your dad. He was home Friday and won't go back to work until Wednesday. Come to think of it, he got sick and was home last Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday. Maybe it's him you're tired of...