Sunday, December 03, 2006

It was a cold and blustery day

You really impressed me today. From the first time you woodenly nodded to me to indicate yes, you agree with what I am saying to your ability to blow (make music) in the recorder your dad bought you yesterday. Unfortunately we don't have any new pictures of you this week; we're just trying to keep warm. Actually, it's been a busy week. Your parents have done something they swore they'd never do (or at least that's what I said) and we bought a minivan. Fortunately, it's not so mini and it handles like a car and not a bus. Still, it's a lame parent-type thing to do. I can't wait until you tell me all the things you will never do with your life. Auntie Sharon called me on it this summer, how I swore that I'd never get married and have kids. But then I told her how wrong I was - and how wonderful you were.

Anyway, you like the van. We can get you in your carseat without having to leave the door open and blast you with icy wind and snow. And you can walk around. Yesterday after groceries, you would not get in your carseat so we just hung out for ten minutes while you walked into the front seat, climbed into the seat, content to happily sit there until you got down, walked into the very back row, got up in that seat - anywhere but near me and your carseat. You finally were calm enough to get buckled in and we drove home. Luckily we weren't in a hurry, but the days when we are, Elmo in the DVD player will come in handy. That gets installed next week - when your dad is gone on a week-long photo shoot.

Yes, Dad leaves tomorrow way before the sun rises to fly to Halifax - or maybe it's Moncton. Anyway, he'll also get to go to Quebec City which should be beautiful and probably feel quite frigid because of the moisture down there. He won't be back until next Saturday, so it should be an interesting week. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get ready for work without your dad there to distract you!

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