Friday, December 22, 2006


It was Daddy's birthday yesterday so we had Uncle Nigel and Nana over for ice cream cake. You were getting a little grouchy so Dad took you upstairs and threw you in the tub while I visited with Nigel and Nana. When you were done, you came out of the bathroom, your babbling directed at me. I said hello and you responded with a jubilant hull-oo back. It was very sweet. We also had you saying a handful of other words today so you are finally warming up to this communicating with words thing.

Your personality is blooming again. Your knack for humour is increasing that you even make yourself laugh. Your smiles are so bright, so warm that I can't help but kiss you when you are close enough.

The three of us went for a walk/sled ride this afternoon. The wind was kinda nippy, but the sun was bright so it helped. You kept trying to jump out of your sled. Seeing your mama and dada walking made you think you should be on your feet, too. But you hung on and we let you trudge through the snow in the backyard when we got home. You are a silly girl.

We leave for Kindersley in the morning. A four hour trip (straight driving) that should take us hopefully not take much longer than five hours. We'll stop for lunch so you can run around. I always get nervous before adventures with you. But it always turns out - after I get used to the screaming.

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