Sunday, December 10, 2006

High. Pitched. Squealing.

Ohmigod, child. We are all going to be deaf soon if this keeps up. Whether happy or sad, angry or frustrated, or just trying to get some attention, you have a penchant for screaming. Loud and high-pitched. Yesterday in the grocery store, you and I stood at the end of the tills while dad went through the checkout. Between calling "Da!" and pointing at the xmas tree, you squealed with glee - causing everyone to look at us. This wouldn't be so endearing if you were screaming in pain or frustration, but the big smile that accompanied your loudness took the edge off and thankfully didn't offend me. I'm not sure about anyone else, though.

Obviously your dad is home - finally. He got home during our nap yesterday. It was definitely a hard week for mommy. When you'd go to bed, I'd have to clean the kitchen and pick up any disasters that brewed during your awake hours. Well, I tried...but ended up falling asleep with you two of the nights and therefore didn't accomplish anything. I'm just not used to it. Usually I get to keep you fed and clothed and happy - that's my job. Dad picks up my slack. I can't even imagine not paying someone to come in and clean the base of the house, the stuff underneath the messes, but that's only every couple weeks. It's the day to day stuff that drains me. Anyway, you became even more attached to me in your dad's absence...if that's possible. You really weren't sure about dad when he got back, but a bit of rough play has gotten you guys back on track. Oh, and if I forget, someone should remind me that it's very hard to take you shopping alone and that maybe I should wait until someone can come with us.

What else? You are a fiend for drinks out of a can with a straw so I bought you little tomato juices and little V8s. You will drink almost a whole can in a couple minutes. This morning you ate tonnes of little frozen/thawing blueberries. What a staining experience that was. Your tongue and teeth were purple and both your hands and mine are still coloured a deep blue. And last night you had wedge after wedge of fresh pineapple. I know you've always liked fruits and vegetables, but you really prefer them over everything else. Except maybe ice cream...which reminds me, you have a DQ sandwich in the freezer calling your name.

This afternoon is the SGI kids xmas party. Of course I forgot the tickets at work so we're going to beg them to let us in. Maybe we'll bribe them with your cuteness! Should be fun and with your current obsession with Santa, this should be right up your alley today. We just have to change your clothes because I realized at Walmart this morning how much you had outgrown your outfit with that rolly belly and thick ankles sticking out. But hopefully you'll sleep at least another hour to ensure bright spirits for the rest of the day!

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