Friday, September 22, 2006


Finally this week is over! I've been in planning sessions and a conference for three days this week and had to miss three lunches with you. Fortunately, I had this super sweet vision of you in pigtails Monday through Wednesday. And oh, how adorable it was. Just when I think you can't get any cuter, you always do! I don't know why we didn't do your hair this way sooner. What a natural progression it should have been from the Pebbles ponytail atop your head from 5 months - 9 months old. (Pebbles was Fred and Wilma's baby daughter on the Flintstones - a cartoon you will likely never see...) Anyway, I just wanted to eat you up because of that really sticky, gooey sweetness.

The park has been a big draw this week. You FREAK OUT every night after supper to go outside. You excitedly get your coat and shoes and cannot contain your anticipation to run down the sidewalk. Thankfully, I hold your hand when you run or you'd be tasting the pavement everytime. Uncle Nigel babysat you tonight while your dad and I went for the conference supper. Once I mentioned the park, you went right to him, handing him your shoes, and weren't even upset that we were leaving at all. He took you at 5:45 and you stayed until almost 6:30. Apparently you would leave the park, but kept turning around to go back - 6 times. That's what happens when you call the shots, huh? Even though me and dad think we're in charge...

I should also mention that you can walk as good as anyone. I still can't get over it. I was looking through a bag in the living room when you took my pen, walked into the kitchen and by the time I came to see where you'd gone, you were 'colouring' on the fridge with the pen. Speaking of which, you learned to colour this morning. We've tried before but you had a hard time getting the hang of it. We got out some crayons, even though you prefer pens and Sharpees, and you went to town. Good job! Dad loves to draw so your interest in this made his day! (Here's a screenshot from some video I took of your first experience with crayons.)

So yeah, that's it for now. So tired. Can't wait to go to bed.

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