Monday, September 04, 2006

Long weekend

Well, it was a four day work week, the first you spent with Nana and it was kinda hard on you. Needless to say, you missed your mommy and daddy very much. But the bonus is that I had a four day weekend to balance it out; Friday was my EDO and today is Labour Day. It's nice being at home with you setting the pace for our days. Especially sleeping in... You slept in until 7:30 the last few mornings and the first thing you do when you are ready to start the day is sit up and call 'da da.' It's really very sweet how affectionate you've been with your dad the last few weeks with lots of hugs, a few kisses and the always wonderful leg hug. Even when we woke up from our nap on Friday, the first thing you thought to do was yell for da da even though he was at work. I think you like the fact that you have so much power - just call someone and they come right to you. You also call me from the tub except I'm called 'eh deh' when I would really prefer mama... Anyway, it's great how you raise your voice for something other than screaming!

Your sleep has been AWFUL since I went back to work, but your eating has been all right. Well, it's been good for Nana or when Nana's around. I've been paying the messy price, though. Since you can't separate your body from mine from the minute I come home from work, you've been sitting on my knee at mealtimes. This wouldn't be so bad if you didn't insist on picking up food and smushing it deeply in your hands before giving me a hug and patting my hair... I cannot stay clean for more than an hour or two on any given day so I've kinda stopped trying. What's another load of laundry?

Also, you've been quite friendly to those around you lately and will even give up mommy to try and strike up a friendship. We went to a garage sale across the street on Saturday morning. The women sitting at the table were quite keen on giving you attention so you sat across from them with a box of paints and kept slyly smiling at them while daddy and I browsed. We ended up buying you two whale rattles for when we 'shake, baby, shake' for ten cents each. You also were quite fond of Jessica yesterday when we were having supper at Nana's house, grabbing her to walk (and run) you around and going back and forth from mom's seat to Jessica's seat at the table. So very sweet you are!

We just put you to bed. We're practising falling asleep on your own and you've done good the past couple nights. I was surprised the other night when I said 'lay down' and you did! But you weren't happy about it, even had a very sad look as though it's a punishment to go to sleep. You do get very silly when you lay down, poking me in the eye or digging in my mouth while giggling before I turn my back to you - and then you pull my hair. (Speaking of giggling, you had a huge laughing fit tonight as daddy kissed you over and over again. I don't know if you've ever laughed so hard before!) Anyway, your dad and I think you're pretty smart, understanding EVERYTHING we say. Oh, and one other big thing from today - you ate your macaroni with a fork. Well, you've done that before but today YOU stabbed the macaroni that went on your fork and then you ate it all up. Mmmm...macaroni!

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