Friday, September 15, 2006

Dirty rice

Maybe it wasn't dirty rice because that has ground beef, but it was of New Orleans flavour and it was very dirty. Here of some pictures of you eating supper tonight. Only the corn and carrots could keep your interest initially, but once me and dad were done you seemed to want to get into the saucy beans and rice. And get into it you did. First you had to feel it squishing inside your hands, between your fingers, then you tried shoving single grains of rice into your mouth but they would fall before arriving. So you tasted your hands and seemed quite intrigued by the spiciness and intense flavour. Then there was no going back - you ate straight from the bowl, you ate with your hands and when they couldn't hold enough, you ate with the serving spoon. Yummm! Needless to say you needed a bath - and to get the rice out of your nose.

We were at the pediatrician's office yesterday and while we were in the waiting room, I was looking a book that said finger paints or painting with pudding was an age appropriate activity for you. I imagine it would be similar to supper tonight...but with less nutrition. Anyway, the doctor was pleased with you. You weighed 8.21 kg so you are slowly starting to climb along the bottom of the growth chart - an improvement from dropping off it. So, we're to keep what we're doing and go back in two months to weigh and measure you again. (Also, we won't be going back to feeding therapy. After our session last Tuesday, they don't feel they can help us any further - that you have the skills needed to thrive. They recommended maybe a psychologist if problems persist.)

After the doctor's appointment, we picked up supper from Dairy Queen because we really need groceries. You got the kid's quesadilla meal which came with fries and a drink. (I got fish, Dad got a burger, both of which you also had bites of.) Anyway, you really liked everything and even dipped your own fry in ketchup! That was too good. Your dexterity is wonderful; I'm sure those skills will come in handy for other things than dipping! Obviously we are very proud of how well you've been eating - I can't stop talking about it.

I stayed home with you today. This morning we went to Tot's Café with Creeson and Molly. You thought all those kids and toys were pretty terrific. Dad and I will have to take you there sometime. This afternoon we had a super-long nap, 1:20 until almost 4 p.m. I love sleeping beside you; you're such a good cuddler. And tomorrow is Saturday which means we go to Smitty's for breakfast. It was rainy all day today and not supposed to be too much nicer tomorrow so no Farmer's Market like last weekend. (Did I mention you really liked the beets in the borscht I made?) The evenings are getting dark so early now, too. You think it's pretty bizarre that the cars are all lit up when they drive by. Well, I should hang out with your dad now. Good night.

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