Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wiggle, wiggle

We were munching on lunch yesterday when Lily said, "Ow. My quesadilla hurt my teeth." So I asked, "Is there a bone in there?" With a very disapproving look she responded, "You put bones in there?" And when she said it, I noticed her bottom middle right tooth was crooked. I stuck my finger in there and sure enough, it wiggled!

I almost burst with excitement, her dad and I both telling her how awesome it was and all about the tooth fairy and how big a girl she is to start losing her baby teeth and how cool it will be to stick her tongue in the hole. But she burst into tears. She was suddenly terrified about losing her teeth after talking about them feeling different, sore, over the last few weeks, that maybe they'd be loose soon.

After some hugs and reassurance, she was as excited as we were. Standing in the mirror, wiggling it with her finger, she made a list of all the people she could tell. First it would be her swim instructor, then Nana, then the kids at school.

Always one to think of her brother, she said, "It's like, when I loose my teeth, Finn grows them! Like we're trading!"

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