Saturday, December 04, 2010

Let the festivities begin!

Today we officially kicked off the season with the annual FCC kids xmas party. It was a gymnastics party so Lily enjoyed an hour of activity before we all filed upstairs for a visit with Santa. Here's the party in pictures:

Lily was lucky to have a friend, Ella, in her group. While I was saying good night to her she said, "It sure was nice to have someone I knew there."

Today was Chris's first day out of the house since getting sick over a week ago. Finn, on the other hand, felt spry. Spry enough to make goofy faces which he did all day long.

Awwww. Finn sat on Santa's knee so good, but only because Lily was holding his hand to keep him brave.

Lily eats the Rice Krispie cake treat that was in her treat bag from Santa.

Finn got a treat bag, too, but turns out he was mostly just interested in the actual bag.

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