Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Three of a kind

You know, it's not very often you have friends since birth – or very close to birth. I was approximately 14 weeks pregnant with you when Jamie, Creeson's mom, told me she was newly pregnant. Shortly thereafter, Jamie told me that Carla, Brynn's mom, was pregnant, too.

Jamie and I worked together and were quite a sight when we went for coffee, two gals with very pregnant bellies. Or so we felt. Carla and Jamie were good friends and Chris and I had known Carla and JP just slightly less long than we'd known Jamie and Mike...less than a year after we'd moved to Regina and about six months before Jamie and I began working together in the Communications department at SGI.

You were two and a half months old when we got the call – Creeson had been born, though he didn't have a name yet. We scurried to the hospital to find out that Brynn had also been born – twenty minutes or so after Creeson – and Carla's room was right across the hall!

Though we've had lots of playdates with just Creeson and lots of playdates with just Brynn, it's so nice to have the three of you together, to watch you grow up together. Wow. 

Dec. 2005 – Creeson, Brynn and Lily...screaming because Mama put her down.

April 2006 – Creeson, Brynn and Lily at our house.

Dec. 2006 – Lily, Brynn and Creeson celebrate xmas at Brynn's.

March 2007 – Creeson, Brynn and Lily at Brynn's house.

Dec. 2008 – Brynn, Lily and Creeson around xmas at Michele's.

Aug. 2009 – Creeson, Lily and Brynn taste the icing at Lily's fourth birthday party.

Oct. 2009 – Brynn, Creeson and Lily celebrate Creeson's fourth birthday at It's a Blast!

Oct. 24, 2010 – Creeson, Lily and Brynn at Creeson's 5th birthday at the Science Centre.

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