Monday, October 11, 2010

Disneyland 2010! – Part 2, the weekend in Temecula, California

The temperature on the dash read 88˚F at 10 a.m.

For the second part of our vacation, we rented an SUV first thing on Saturday morning, loaded up all we'd need for an overnight trip and headed to Temecula, California, approximately an hour and twenty minutes from Disneyland, to visit my mom's brother, my Uncle Bruce, and his family.

Lily and Finn really enjoyed sitting close enough to touch each other.

The hills were beautiful. The traffic wasn't that bad, though the lanes were a tad overwhelming.

Auntie Kim, Jade, Uncle Bruce and Lindsay

It was a really, really nice visit. We hadn't seen them for a long time. Maybe ten years. Lindsay and Jade were just little girls. 

Lily was in her glory having two cousins (once removed!) who actually wanted to play with her. She and Jade played Wii briefly...Lily wandered away. But then it was time to swim and there is little else in this world that this girl loves more. And what a great way to keep cool in that heat.

Finn even went for his first swim. His lack of reaction deemed the experience successful. Actually the only time he cried during our entire trip was when he was making strange with Lindsay and Jade shortly after we first arrived and promptly began passing him around.


Uncle Bruce and Nana are only a few months apart in age.

Shortly after supper, Nana and Kim hit the casino and I went to bed with the kids – at 7:30. I blame the sun.

The next day came early, as they all do. Of course, where we come from there aren't hot air balloons littering the horizon. How pretty. Actually, everything in Temecula was really nice. How easy it would be to eat (and drink) local with such great foods (and wine) grown in such close proximity. I think I ate avocados every single day in fave.

After a big breakfast where Lily consumed her fair share of bacon, we got ready and decided to do a little shopping before heading back to Anaheim as there was a Disney store to be had. We scored some Minnie Mouse shoes and a reversible Ariel swimsuit for only $4.99! And Lily may have a new favourite auntie now because someone bought her this:

A beautiful Ariel dress. Now that we're home, she tries it one almost once a day.
Before we headed back to the house, we stopped at Yogurt Island for some very fancy frozen yogurts. Lily just had to save the hot pink spoons. Once back, Lily, Lindsay and Chris went for one last quick swim. Finn was pretty comfortable with everyone by then, so he and Auntie Kim hung out and watched the swimmers make waves in the pool.

It was about 3 p.m. when we got on the road with fresh pears, cantaloupe and bananas in tow. The thermometer on the vehicle was reading 109˚F – which is 42.7˚C if you're wondering... Thank god for air conditioning! (And thanks Kim and Bruce for having us!)

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