Monday, October 25, 2010

The official half year mark

Yup. It's true. You've been in our lives for six months now and only recently, I feel I really know you inside and out. Your days would be happiest being toted around in mama's wrap with mama constantly moving, say whipping up stuff in the kitchen or walking Lily to and from school.

You hit a few milestones this month. One, you eat food. You lunge at food. You get angry when you can't pounce onto our plates. You've eaten some yams, rice cereal, oatmeal and carrots. Purple carrots. You've tried avocado and sucked on pears and apples – and LEMONS. Your sister's idea... You've decided food is good.

Two, you sit. And from the first day you did sit, you've done so well. It's like you mastered it in your head before you did in practice.

Also, you beat things with your toys. You pick something up and you swing it, back and forth. Then you pound it on whatever is nearest. This may be a boy thing... Another of your favourite games is pulling the blanket or sheet over your head and gasping and kicking like a mad man to get out. But you're not really trying to get out...

the "I Can't Breathe!" game from Hood/Anderson on Vimeo.

Your sister is the funniest person who ever lived. She cracks you up like no one else. I don't know what either of you would do without each other. Lily thinks it's funny when you maul us, when you chew on the table, when you try to crawl. You think it's wildly funny when she clobbers you with a pillow in the face (a one-sided pillow fight), when she beats up your Alvin the Chipmunk toy, when you play with the beach ball back and forth, when she reads "So Big" to you, when she jumps out from behind the end table yelling "boo!"

I love your baby face, how when you fall asleep your face and mouth are so relaxed that they hang limply to whichever side your on.

I love softly kissing you to sleep when you're crying. There are worse ways to fall asleep.

I love how you look so blonde in the sunlight. And we didn't even know you'd be so fair when we named you Finn.

I love that most of the time when you drool (when you're upright), you suck it back in your mouth.

Oh, and you're still a juicy chunk of a boy. Also, those toes. Some of the best toys ever invented.

Too bad you're starting out this new month with YOUR THIRD COLD. Ouch. Oh, the snot. The whining. The not sleeping, again, still. Apparently babies are supposed to still have some of their mama's immunity. Too bad I'm not immune to sickness either because I've been sick for over a week and your dad and you have only been sick a day. Oh well.

Happy half birthday, Zeus my goose.

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