Sunday, July 25, 2010

Three months old

My boy, you sure have changed over the last month. Not only are you bigger, obviously over fifteen pounds now, but you are more awake, more bubbly and more vocal every day. Your toys are holding your interest for quite some time these days. We could have just left you in your car seat yesterday because you seemed to really be mastering the spinny things on your lion.

Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad and since I'd been on medication and radically changed my diet, you've been grouchy. My usually so-very-patient boy is slightly less patient and you've even been crying. Out loud. In my arms. Which is really kinda new since we got the hang of you. Hopefully when I feel better and add some sugar back into my diet (in three or four weeks) you'll turn sweeter, too...

But then you laughed. Twice one morning last week and once yesterday when I tickled your side. I called your dad up to see, but it was too late. The moment was gone. You go from jubilant to stoic in an instant.

One of the more impressive things you do now is your rolling over, mostly at night, but now pretty much every time you're a little owly and on your back, you swing that heavy little leg over to propel your whole body face down. At first, you sleeping on your tummy was very disconcerting after all the "back to sleep" literature we've seen. But your dad and I always slept on our tummies and we're here to tell the tale. (Okay, so I don't really leave you alone when you are on your tummy, but perhaps that will pass. Perhaps...)

You love to talk. All we need to do is say ahhh gooo and you'll respond in spades. The last few days you've been making a lot of new sounds, but they sound kind of angry. Probably just because you seem to have to make a frown to spit some of them out. But then again, you can smile at me and cry at the same time. Multi-talented and multi-emotioned. My favourite time when you talk is bedtime. I'll lay there nursing you, one arm around Lily, the other holding you. Everytime I close my eyes, you say "Gwwwahh," with a mouthful of boob until I open them again. Then you smile. Then I smile. And oh, how we love that smile.

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