Saturday, July 10, 2010

In related news

More extended family-centric time. We got together with Warren, Jean and the Lindholms. I was giddy with all that crazy cuteness when these two sat together.

I love this photo of Finn and Keira as they are positioned almost exactly the same. The same tight little right fists, straight left arms, same head tilts, same slack-jawed expressions, same chubby frog legs. Lily loved making observations about how they're the same and how they're different. She couldn't get over the fact that "Keira has such big eyes!" And such distinct eyebrows – someday Finn will have eyebrows you can see...

Zander is going to be so unimpressed with us someday as all the photos of him and Lily has him dressed up in some lovely way.

And I forgot to post these of the Anderson and Pereira cousins. Of course, we never got around to getting them all together until minutes before we were about to leave Winnipeg that morning. Kim and I usually are in the picture, but like I said, it was first thing in the morning so it was probably best that we opted out.

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