Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Little gardener

You have your own garden this year. It's a little box in the front yard with five tomato plants, a few bunches of scallions and nine groups of pole beans. Sometimes you'll call us over to the front window so we can marvel at what your plants are doing at that particular moment. Sometimes it's even an excited, "Mom! Look! My beans are climbing!" And sometimes it's simply, "Don't forget to water my garden, Mom." I do appreciate your enthusiasm.
You also possess the peas in my garden boxes. They are much taller than you and we've been lucky enough in the past couple days to start eating them. Those and carrots and tomorrow our first zucchini should be ready. We have a bunch of little tomatoes, but I'm thinking those will take a while longer still. So far, so good, though.
Mostly though, when we're outside, you are swinging. And swinging. And swinging some more. And now that we have water guns, your outdoor horizons have widened. It's nice to play something that is more interactive, but you sometimes get mad when we shoot you. It's all so one-sided when you're three, going on four.

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