Monday, August 04, 2008

Long weekend

Nana has been in the hospital for almost a week now. We really hoped for some day passes over the long weekend to maybe hit the beach for an afternoon, but no. So, on Friday we visited her in the afternoon after a morning out at mom's work, dad's work, the mall and Toys R Us scoping out something you might enjoy for your birthday. Oh, then lunch at India House to quell your often requested fix for Innian food. (Innian like on Peter Pan, right?)

It's rather painful going to the hospital, especially if we have to park really far away. You doddle, so it takes a long time for you to walk along every curb as though it's a balance beam. Then, once we get in and up to the 6th floor, we have to douse our hands in alcohol before we put on our gowns and latex gloves because the unit is under isolation. (Ah yes, trying to keep those on you is impossible, but we have compromises...and bribes.) Which also means Nana can't leave her room. Usually we'd go down to Robin's Donuts and have donuts and drinks so we don't go crazy, but not now. Everything we have, we bring into the room.

I think you did a terrific job tracing in the letters.

Have I mentioned there's only one chair - and that's when Nana's roommate's guest(s) hasn't snagged it.

Anyway, on Saturday we made your year by taking you to Buffalo Days. You were in love. Especially with the roller coaster. Nothing better to you than constant, thrilling excitement. With danger thrown in. And cotton candy. And sno cones. And a bag of mini donuts for us and one for Nana.

Not even two hours later we were totally pooped from the fun and sun. But it was fun. In the sun.

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