Saturday, August 09, 2008

Let's rock 'n' roll!

Last week, you were messing around in the computer room while I was computing (or more likely surfing). You pulled out Dad's Guitar Hero guitar and said, "Let's rock 'n' roll!" I'm guessing you pick this stuff up at the babysitter...

Anyway, we hit the Folk Fest last night. Until midnight. Had tonnes of fun. You running around with other kids and by 11 p.m. we were pretty sure you were all feral. The other day in the van you said, "On Sunday after my birthday, can me and Creeson go to the Folk Fest by ourselves?" To which I replied, "Uh, I guess we'd have to ask Creeson's mom," not wanting to shoot down this very well thought out idea.

You and Creeson sure like to kiss and hug.

That's John K. Samson of The Weakerthans on stage behind us.

Trying to catch a few more ZZZs after getting up this morning, we let you run loose. (Did I mention you woke up at about 6:39 saying, "Mom. Get up. Now.") We retired downstairs on the couch where I woke up with a whole drawer of my sewing stuff scattered beside my bed. Most interestingly, we saw you'd been playing online games while we dozed. This is what we found on screen later. Apparently you had to type your name in this Wonder Pets game and needless to say we were very impressed.

Also nice to see you were so on the ball with so little sleep. Also nice that you were asleep for the night today at 5:30 p.m. Left a lot of time to get ready for a little event we call your birthday party tomorrow!!!

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