Monday, June 30, 2008


We are slowly trying to wean you off ears. Yes, ears. Ever since you came down with your cold in Boston, you are an ear fiend. You need to squeeze them and rub them and kiss them and even suck on them. You cry like we've taken away your lifeline when we don't allow you to touch them. You beg and plead, then smile and say, "I wuv your ears," while tightly gritting your teeth. We have a lot of burning, throbbing lobes.

It's my ears, Dad's ears, Nana's ears and everybody's ears at the babysitter, even the babies. It's worse when you're tired and sick - which is usually. You like them when you're falling asleep and when you wake up. Actually, you like them anytime we are close.

This little ear fetish is getting old fast. My ears have been pinched so much that they were actually sensitive to the slightest touch. Your desperation makes you say things like, "Can I just touch your ears with my pajamas?" and "I won't squeeze them, just rub a wittle tiny bit?" Your language is so well-formed and eloquent now that you know just the right thing to say these days to avoid our disapproving tone. And when that doesn't work, you simply say, "stop!" when we begin to say no.

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Cousins Heather, Colin and Zander said...

Hi Guys,
Sorry to hear that everyone has been so sick lately. When you're all feeling healthy we'd love to have a visit. You're welcome here or we can take a ride into Regina. Weekends are pretty busy but weeknights are usually free.