Friday, December 28, 2007

The week in pictures


Between getting ready for xmas and playing with our new digital SLR camera (photo above) and my new hobby (left: hand-sewing - here's a yeti and the girl bunny for Jessica), there is no time to sit at the computer so here it is, a week in pictures starting last Friday.

Daddy's 30th birthday! Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and you were definitely Grandpa's girl.

Helping mommy make caramel popcorn. And snacking, too.

And gingerbread cookies - you love, love, love sprinkles - and 'helping' mommy and daddy.

ALL the presents - and a very excited girl who never once tried to open a present early. Except one on Christmas Eve - the big one to the right was a wagon from Grandma and Grandpa.

Santa brought Lily an easel. One side for chalk and the other for those big roles of paper. We've almost gotten our money's worth already. Errr...Santa's money's worth already.

It's hard work opening SO many presents. Takes alot out of a little girl...

Christmas was at home this year so we spent it with Nana and Uncle Nigel. (The guy in the black is Lily's Daddy - in case you couldn't read. That was a gift last xmas...)

Since we're not working until after New Year's, we've spent a lot of time playing. Being silly and staying in our pajamas ALL DAY, watching movies and chillaxing. Just how we like it.

Except for a little party last evening where you were in your glory playing with Brynn and of course, Creeson. And eating strawberries and watermelon to excess.

That's been our week. Cheers to New Year's!

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